Join other dog lovers just like you with Tara Martice as your leader in learning! Sometimes questions are tough to ask in a public group, so you have the option to submit your question privately. Gain some insight from an industry-trained certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant that specializes in everything dog behaviour. If you have a hot topic or a tough question to have Tara address live in the social summit, this is the place to dog it. These Summits are short and inclusive! 15 to 30 minutes of your time can give you insight into your next step or insight into your dogs behaviour. 

You never know where Tara will be when she puts on a V&LCSS! It could be her car after a private session because there is an important lesson to share. It could be at her desk all proper like with Bella interrupting with her squeaky toy. It even could be when she's camping or out and about in life. There may be a schedule to the start of a Summit, sometimes not. The goal is to connect with people who could very well be needing just a little insight into dog behaviour.

Dog Talk Topics can include:

Separation Anxiety

Multi Dog Homes

Common Behaviour Problems

Complex Behaviour Problems

Dog Parks & Socialization

Canine Communication

Fear Free Pets, Consent & Acceptance

Learning Phases, Kids and so much more!

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The First Virtual & Live Social Summit is set for:

Monday, March 15th 2021 at 7pm!

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As we learn to navigate back into being social beings, we need to be mindful that this process can bring uncertainty and an increase of anxiety for both the dog owners and the dog. Here we gather as a small group to learn and practice new skills for all breeds and age groups. Each Canine Social Summit will adhere to Provincial and Municipal COVID Guidelines for everyone's safety.

Here you will learn to observe other dogs, support your dog while on a leash in the community parks that have been so missed! Sometimes skills include just being there in the moment and learning to breathe. Sometimes it will include outdoor skill development like Leave It to Wildlife, teaching skills to prevent Leash frustration and reactivity. 

Are you Ready Medicine Hat and Area?

Stay tuned for Scheduled In-Person Social Summits for:

Puppies (8 weeks to 6 months)

Juniors Dogs (6 months to 14 months)

Adult Dogs (14 months to 7 years)

Seniors (7 years+)

It all starts with a Foundations First Orientation!

Foundations First Orientation is a short class without your dog!

This is so we can talk dog without the distraction of our dogs being present, setting you up for success before you start handling your dog.

In this class we will discuss Canine Communication, Progressive Leash Handling Skills that will include Role Playing, Understanding and Training the Marker (Verbal/Hand/Clicker), Understanding distractions, rewards and Situational Awareness at the Dog Level.

Once you have completed the FFO Class,  book any outdoor class according to your goals and your dogs' needs! If your dog is Reactive or Aggressive (with a bite history) or you're not sure, please check out the Private Support Service for one to one in-depth training to set you and your dog up for success before joining Tara's Social Summits. 

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