By becoming a registered client, you get the most support and value! It all starts with completing Tara's client registration and intake E-form. This is so she can get the best information for a full understanding of your unique situation, by reducing talk time and increase training time. Not only is it intensive, but its informative! It takes approximately 1 hour to complete and she values your time on it!  This is a one time requirement for each dog, because each dog is different.

So set yourself up with a cup of happy, your home settled and any notes and family members at your side. This quality step will decrease the amount of questions Tara may have before getting started with any training! Depending on the information given, there maybe some tasks to complete before the first initial session. Once she has received and reviewed your information on your unique situation, she will connect with you!

Your registration and initial consultation and foundations training session includes:
A review of your unique case & behaviour connection support for the life of your dog.
In home assessment and behaviour review to address immediate concerns.
Skills and knowledge on how to apply prevention and management tools.
Foundations Training Session:
Marker Training
Leash Handling Training
Intro to Canine Communication
Once you have completed your initial consultation and foundations training session is complete and we have address the most pressing issues - you are now ready to apply training for better behaviour, inclusive to being a part of the Bone Rewards Program! 

Recommended Gear and Tools for Training

Quality Fitted Body Harness
6 foot 1" wide (flat) Leash
Quick Release Buckle Collar

(identification or emergency control only)

Recall Long Line + Gloves

(variable lengths at your discretion)

Treat Training pouch / Fanny pack / Clicker
Hat to Protect Your Head / Proper Footwear / Day Pack*

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