This is for Registered Private Clients that have completed the Private In-Home Assessment, Consultation, and Foundations Training Session. Here is where we get to see where your dog's threshold lies for outdoor reactivity so we can obtain safety training requirements to help you move forward!  Your trainer will handle your dog and provide the necessary triggers from a safe distance with engineered safety protocols (fence/muzzle). Tara then gets into your Dog's Time Zone! Its intensive for Tara to keep up with your dogs behaviour, its responses and inducing training at the same time. During this time Tara is taking stock and measurements on your dogs abilities and struggles. The goal is to find the sweet spot for your training. To know where your dogs ability to think begins and stops is crucial to developing your behaviour modification plan. 

Dogs with a bite history of level 2 or higher may need to be muzzle acclimated depending on the situation and projected responses. All Dogs must be on a good fitted harness with a front connection. Tools Prohibited during test: Prong; Choke; Martingale; Shock; Head / Gentle Leaders.

The duration of the test is variable and completely dependent on your dogs response. Some test are as quick at 15 minutes once engagement starts, some up to 30 minutes if an opportunity to shrink the size of the bubble is available. The remainder of time available after the test is complete is yours to have some fun!  

All Clients and their dogs must be registered with True North K9 Compound to have this Test completed - This is Free! 


$45 / test

(Tax and TNK9 time included)

This is test is discussed at the first initial consult and foundations training session if it has been flagged for requirement / suggested.

Effective January 2021 Fee Increases to $55 / Test

Payment options include E transfers and Square (credit card processing fees will apply).  There are no refunds.

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